Madras HC Asks State Government to Regulate Virtual Games

Madras HC Asks State Government to Regulate Virtual Games; Stresses Upon the Need to Regulate Online Gambling Games

July 26, 2020, Sunday

Anjana Gopinath

The Madras High Court on Friday, addressed the urgent need to regulate online games like rummy, bridge, nap, poker, and the like, taking into consideration the attraction of unemployed youth towards betting their money.

The Madurai Bench of the High Court comprising of Justice B. Pugalendhi, while hearing an application for quashing an FIR, observed that “… these advertisements (of online gambling games) are mostly targeting the unemployed youth, inducing them to play such games, on the pretext of earning money comfortably from their home.” Upon being informed of the absence of rules to regulate and license online skill games, the Bench stated that “This Court hopes and trusts that this Government shall take note of the present alarming situation and pass suitable legislation, thereby regulating and controlling such online gaming…

Additionally, the Court also stated that regulation within the scope of online gaming is necessary to prevent youngsters and unemployed youth from being trapped in these games. The Bench also observed that the most dangerous aspect for a Society is educated criminals, for if an educated person becomes a criminal, it would create chaos and disorder within the society.

Although the Court had admitted on the fact that laws regarding online gaming are limited, the Bench has suggested the Tamil Nadu Government proceed with the framing of regulations, and to refer to the laws framed by the States of Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, which have introduced regulations regarding virtual gaming for the same.

The said order was passed while hearing an application for quashing of FIR filed by a Secondary Grade Teacher, accused of playing cards with stakes, in violation of Section 12 of the Tamil Nadu Gaming Act, 1930. The case, titled as D. Siluvai Venance v. State, was heard on this Friday.

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