Gujarat HC Directs Government to Issue Notification Across State Regarding Ban on Animal Slaughter

Gujarat HC Directs Government to Issue Notification Across State Regarding Ban on Animal Slaughter in Public

July 31, 2020, Friday

Anjana Gopinath

The High Court of Gujarat on Thursday directed that a notification similar to what has been issued before in the city of Ahmedabad to be issued across the state of Gujarat. The Bench of the Gujarat High Court comprising of Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Justice J B Pardiwala had made the direction while hearing a PIL seeking a complete ban on the slaughtering of animals and the consumption of such meat on the day of Bakri Eid.

The Bench on Thursday was hearing two separate PILs filed by Yash Shah, a social activist and Pranin Foundation, an animal rescue organization. The Court treated the latter Writ Application (PIL) No. 111 of 2020 as the lead matter for convenience.

The Senior Counsel who appeared on behalf of the Writ Applicant contended that considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, there should be an absolute ban on the slaughtering of animals and consumption of meat that has not been certified as fit for consumption by a competent officer of the law. Additionally, it was also submitted that animals are slaughtered on the day of Bakri Eid every year on roads, footpaths and public places, and prayed for an appropriate direction to be issued on the ground of public interest.

The submissions also include the concern with respect to the possibility of an increase in COVID-19 cases if Bakri Eid is permitted to be celebrated in a regular fashion. It was also stated that the concern was not limited to the gathering but also to the aspect of consuming the meat and distribution of the same.

The Court, after hearing the relevant submissions of the parties, disposed of the writ petitions after passing an order as follows:

We are satisfied with all the relevant aspects of being taken care of in the Notification. We may only say that such Notification be issued at the earliest in all areas of the Commissionerate across the State. The Notification on the same line shall be issued by all the Police Superintendents of the respective districts across the State of Gujarat.”

The said Notification dated 25th July 2020 issued by the Police Commissioner Ahmedabad city-states:

(1) No person will kill any animal at public or private places, Mohalla or in the lane in the manner visible to other people. Also, not to decorate and move the animals alone or in the form of Sarghas (Procession) in public.

(2) After the Kurbani of the animal as a part of Bakri-Id celebration, not to throw in public the flesh, bones and other remains of animals.

(3) In the circumstances of COVID-19 Pandemic, all people will have to compulsorily wear the mask and maintain social distancing.

(4) No one will spit in public.

(5) All will have to strictly comply with the orders and guidelines of the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat to contain COVID-19.

It was also informed that the abovementioned order shall remain in force during the period from 00:00 hours on 27/07/2020 to 24:00 hours on 05/08/2020.

The case titled as Pranin Foundation (through its founder Neha Dwarkadas Patel) v. State of Gujarat was heard on the 30th of July.

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