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“Law Colloquy” is created for short precise and substantive articles/lecture/videos on the perceptions regarding various important topics of law. The aim is to make people familiar with the various theories, statutes, laws and to help one understand and develop the legal mindset. An attempt has been made to deliver useful information in an easy to grasp manner by focusing on the basics so that even the complex issues become simple to understand. I hope the lecture series will be of interest to you and the effort will help in creating a better understanding of the key concepts and provide a forum for developing the competencies to learn the intricacies involved in the topic under discussion in an interesting, informative and effective manner. The lecture serious primarily focuses to answer the questions of curious and aspiring law graduates and I hope that it will be beneficial for other professionals also. Law Colloquy is gradually gaining credence as a valuable platform for scholarly articles and provides an opportunity for aspiring teachers to hone their teaching skills. With a passion for including new findings and sharing knowledge, I believe it will make a significant impact in the field and higher education as a whole.