‘Law Colloquy’ has been created for documenting short precise and substantive articles/notes/videos/news on perceptions regarding various important topics of law. Our aim is to make people familiar with the different theories, statutes, laws, and to help one understand and develop the legal mindset. We also conduct Webinars/Seminars/workshops and training programs on different aspects of the law for different target groups.

How can you contribute?

In order to make the platform more participative, interested scholars, advocates, judges, and academicians are welcome to share their pieces on Law Colloquy's official website. The submissions shall be on a rolling basis. We encourage legal, informative, and interdisciplinary approaches to law to facilitate a better understanding of laws and legal systems at the national and international level. The four categories to which interested candidates can submit their manuscrips are mentioned below. 

Legal Blogs

We accept legal blogs on contemporary issues and topics of law from law students and professionals

Legal news

We publish regular legal news on latest developments in law

Case studies

We accept and publish judgement analysis and case studies 

Law Notes

We publish law notes on various subjects and topics of law.

Law Videos

We publish short precise and substantive videos on various

  topics of law.


Advocate Zakiya Riyaz Ali Khamisa, Head of Legal,
MeTL Group of companies,
Tanzania, East Africa

Law colloquy is a positive step towards keeping us updated on all significant legal affairs of the country, especially for us far away from our country. I highly recommended Law Colloquy for the updates and webinars on current affairs.

Dr. Shivani Verma, Assistant Professor, Law Centre 1, University of Delhi

Law Colloquy is a website that is a pioneer endeavor, not only in the field of imparting knowledge, virtually but also making learning, a less complicated and fun process. The website provides a comprehensive insight into the field of law especially focusing upon the contemporary issues and latest happening in the sphere of law. 

Dr. Deepti Kohli, Associate Professor, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU, Delhi

Law colloquy as the name suggests is a wonderful interactive platform for legal luminaries to share their experiences and thoughts. Kudos to Dr. Priya Sepaha for bringing all of us together through different channels of research.

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